Scientific CV of Tino Krell


1988-1993: Study of biochemistry at the University of Leipzig (Germany) and Glasgow (UK)

1993-1997: PhD student in the Biochemistry Department of Glasgow University (UK), study of the enzymes of the shikimate pathway, supervisor: Prof. John R. Coggins

1997-1998: Post-doc at Glasgow University, continuation of PhD work

1998-2000: Marie Curie Research fellow at the Institut de Biologie et Chimie des protéins (Lyon, France). Study of P-glycoprotein mediated multidrug resistance

2000-2004: Research group leader at Sanofi Pasteur, S.A., formerly Aventis Pasteur S.A. (Lyon, France), development of vaccine prototypes

2004-2007: Research fellow at the Estación Experimental del Zaidín Institute (Granada, Spain), which belongs to the governmental research body of Spain (CSIC), study of bacterial signal transduction, in particular chemoreceptor and two-component system based mechanisms

2007: Appointment as Staff Scientist at the Estación Experimental del Zaidín

2012: Promotion to Senior Scientist at the Estación Experimental del Zaidín

2020: Promotion to Research Professor Estación Experimental del Zaidín